The problem does not appear to be a WAN utilization issue but rather an issue centered around the design of the client server application. This is  based upon the high number of packets being generated coupled with the amount of data being transferred.


1. View Manager application must be re-engineered to issue less network packets and lessen the amount of data being transferred (1.8megabytes).


2. Run the application via a remote access solution (e.g. Metaframe, Terminal Services, etc.....).


Regarding the initial starting up of View Manager, the performance running from the PC's in El Segundo would be slower than running the application in Brea using some type of remote access software.

The best latency figures when no WAN utilization is taking place is 12 milliseconds (versus 2 milliseconds on the Brea LAN). The View Manager program, on average, generates 3700 packets when it opens up and transfers roughly 1.8 megabytes of information.  These data transfers are a result of a result set fetch back from the Oracle MPC database repository in Brea.  The packets being generated are the result of SQL statements being generated by the application.  

With the lowest WAN utilization (e.g. 0% utilization) scenario (12 millisecond latency), it was taking 60 seconds for view manager to open up based upon the number of packets generated (3700) and the amount of data being transferred across the WAN (1.8 megabytes).   

At 20% Wan utilization it takes 120 seconds for the application to open based upon the exponential nature of latency of Wan connectivity. 

At 60% WAN utilization it takes from 3 to 4 minutes for View Manager to open.